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2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI OVERVIEW Overview Icon

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI in West Islip

“Believe the hype” —

  • Multimode DCC® and Adaptive Chassis Control
  • 18" black painted alloy wheels w/ all-season tires
  • 40th Anniversary steering wheel clip, front seat tags & engraved center console cup holders
  • Cloth seating surfaces w/ limited edition embossed pattern inserts
2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Main Img

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI MODELS

  • Jetta GLI 40th Anniversary Edition

    Jetta GLI 40th Anniversary Edition

  • Jetta GLI Autobahn

    Jetta GLI Autobahn

Volkswagen Jetta GLI PERFORMANCE Performance Icon

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI performance

Let’s skip the small talk

They say actions speak louder than words. We’d have to agree. Especially when it comes to the performance of the Jetta GLI. It's built to be fully-engaging. So, no words necessary.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI performance

It’s known to cause a lot of excitement

We take power very seriously around here. And the engine we put in the GLI is proof. You’ll feel excitement in your head, shoulders and knees. Even your toes.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI performance

We embrace curves around here

There’s no pulling a fast one on the Jetta GLI. It’s pretty quick. And responsive. Even when going around those winding roads. Or up steep hills.

2024 Jetta GLI APPEARANCE Appearance Icon

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Appearance Main Img
2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI appearance

It may be a limited edition. But it has unlimited style.

Some may think of 40 as over the hill. But the Jetta GLI 40th Edition has zero issue getting over that hill. It's in its prime. Just look at it. We really can’t wait for you to see the rest. It’s pretty special. So special there is a limited supply. So don’t wait too long to get yours.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI appearance

It really is a design worth celebrating

A 40th anniversary calls for a gift, right? That’s why we wrapped the outside with striking black exterior accents. And we even added a unique name tag. Well, actually it’s more of a badge.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI appearance

Let’s move this party inside

We wanted the inside to look and feel just as special as the outside. It’s the 40th Edition, after all. So we added customized features that will surely make you feel like the guest of honor every time you get in.

Volkswagen Jetta GLI COMFORT Comfort Icon

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI comfort

It’s like your very own VIP lounge

Our designers really went all out. On the inside that is. They made sure the Jetta GLI was spacious, intelligent and of course sharply stylish throughout.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI comfort

Put a smile across your interface.

With a host of features to enhance the driver experience, the Jetta GLI puts customizable tech within reach.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI comfort

From the studio to your dashboard.

With its innovative features and a variety of premium content, SiriusXM with 360L curates a personalized experience for every driver. Try it out with a three-month Platinum Plan trial subscription. When amplified by the available BeatsAudio®, a producer’s dream, a ride in your new VW becomes a studio session.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI comfort

Take your apps for a ride.

To start App-Connect⁠, simply plug in your compatible smartphone or connect it wirelessly and watch as your select apps appear on the touchscreen display of your Volkswagen.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI SAFETY & WARRANTY Safety Icon

4-Year/50,000-Mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty 2-Years Complimentary Factory-Covered Maintenance 3-Year/36,000 Miles Roadside Assistance 5-Years Car-Net Remote Access

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Safety Main Img
2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI safety

Intelligent Crash Response System (ICRS)

In the event of a collision that deploys the airbags, the ICRS can turn off the fuel pump, unlock the doors, and activate the hazard lights. It helps react if you might not be able to.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI safety

Automatic Post-Collision Braking System

Not every collision brings a car to stop. That’s why our vehicles include the Automatic Post-Collision Braking System. It can also help slow the vehicle down after a collision, helping reduce the chance of any additional impacts.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI safety

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Monitoring and maintaining proper air pressure in your tires helps with efficiency and safety. The TPMS helps alert you to a loss of tire pressure so you know when to add air.

2024 Volkswagen Jetta GLI safety

Equipped for peace of mind.

From Electronic Brake-pressure Distribution (EBD), which helps maintain appropriate stopping power during a hard-braking situation, to Electronic Stability Control (ESC), which can adjust engine throttle and apply corrective forces to the wheels that need them most, your vehicle is equipped with a total of six stability-enhancing systems.

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